Resident Practice

Introducing Drs. Delago and Watson :

We are delighted that Reservoir Medical Associates has been chosen as a site to train residents in primary care!

Dr. Delago

Dr. Watson

We are happy to have Dr. Delago and Dr. Watson as members of our practice. Each of these doctors is a licensed physician who is completing their last stage of training in internal medicine. They see patients independently, and are precepted (supervised) by physicians in Reservoir Medical Associates. The supervising physicians are Harvard affiliated master clinicians.

Drs. Delago and Watson will each be with us for three years, through June 2021. 

You can choose to see any of these physicians as your primary doctor; there are a few differences between seeing one of them and seeing another member of the Reservoir physician team:

These physicians are likely to be able to see new patients sooner than our other physicians.

They bring to their practice tremendous enthusiasm, a willingness to learn from your experience, and a commitment to teaching you about improving your health and managing your illnesses.

You will be seeing the medical education process in action, and you will be helping to train the next generation of doctors.

If you choose to see Drs. Delago or Watson as your primary care physician, most of your visits here will be with that physician; the supervising physician will also join you for a part of the visit.

If you are just starting out with a new primary care physician in 2018-2019, Drs. Delago or Watson will offer longer continuity over the coming years. 

For some insurers, you will need to list your doctor’s preceptor (supervisor) as your primary care physician. These insurers will cover your care as long as the preceptor is in their network of primary care doctors.

Along with our other physicians at Reservoir Medical Associates, Drs. Delago and Watson are participating in our group practice model. That means that when your doctor is not available, you can have urgent medical needs addressed by Sarah Saalfield, APRN, or by another physician in the group. 

If you do not choose one of these physicians as your primary physician, you are still likely to see them from time to time for an urgent need. Please welcome them into our practice; we hope that your experience, and our practice, is enhanced by having them join us!

Karen Victor, MD;  Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School 

Debra Shapiro, MD, Assistant Professor,Harvard Medical School

Lisa Golding, MD, Instructor, Harvard Medical School

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