New Patient

New Patients

We are happy to accept new patients to our practice. While some of our physicians have limited availability, we will do our best to match you with the clinician that most closely matches your request. Please call the office to make your first appointment. If you are able to do so, please fill out the questionnaire below to better help us know who you are and what your needs are. Please print this and bring it with you to your first appointment.

Adobe_AcrobatDownload Patient Questionnaire

Clinicians accepting new Patients

All of our clinicians are currently accepting new patients, however there may be very limited access to some of these clinicians.

Dr. Karen Victor has the most availability at this time. If you choose a clinician from our practice but need to be seen sooner than that clinician can take you, it is also possible that our nurse practitioner can see you for your initial exam so that you are able to become an established patient in this office.

Insurance Coverage prior to first visit

When you have made your initial appointment with our practice, you should then contact your insurance carrier to let them know you have chosen that physician as your primary care provider. That should allow a smooth transition from your previous provider. If there are any questions from the insurance company in finding our physician on their list, please ask us prior to your appointment date. Not all insurers require you to list a primary care provider; but, if they do, this must happen prior to you being seen by us.


In order to take the best care of you, we need to know your current medical status. This includes what medications you are taking. Please plan to bring your medications in with you for your initial appointment. We prefer the actual bottles but if you are unable to do that, please bring in a list of all medications along with their strength and instructions. If you will need any medication refilled at the time of this initial visit, please make sure you state that while with the clinician.

Previous Records

As a new patient, we can better take care of you if we know your medical history. Please notify your current providers that you are leaving their practice and will need your medical records sent to our practice. We prefer to have these records sent to us a couple of weeks prior to your appointment if at all possible. The records should be sent to Reservoir Medical Associates. You can use this link to download a medical record release form.

Adobe_AcrobatDownload Medical Release Form